Isis, The cat of the house is very exclusive and does not unfortunately accept the presence of the other animals !

Welcome to the Bed & Breakfast Locandiera, situated near Paris, opened all year.

In Dampierre en Yvelines, At the heart of the Natural reserve of Vallée de Chevreuse, surrounded with fields and with bits, THE LOCANDIERA is a haven of peace, ideal to relax, get fresh ideas to listen to the silence, to observe wild animals, all this near Paris.

Contemporary house, joliement decorated in souvenirs of its journeys around the world and transformed in bed and breakfast after the depart of her 4 children, Joss welcomes you in all simplicity and warmly at THE LOCANDIERA, nested in the charming small rural village of ChampRomery which used to have 3 cafes where the workers came to exchange, after hard labour, the last gossips around a glass of " picrate "!
You will particularly appreciate, at the time of the breakfast, to walk around the main room of the house: THE PORCH to admire the show of the countryside with the walkers, the V.T.T. and the riders who pass on the GR.1C and who have replaces the gleaners of fields...
Que vous veniez travailler, vous reposer ou profiter des activites variees de la region, les chambres d'hotes de LA LOCANDIERA, repondront a tous vos besoins. THA LOCANDIERA, situated in the middle of the Regional Natural reserve of High Vallee de Chevreuse is very near from Paris.
You come for work, to have rest or to take advantage of the varius activities offered in the region, the guest houses of THE LOCANDIERA, will answer your needs

Some history !

What does THE LOCANDIERA means ?

Wink to the play of Goldoni; it tells the story of Mirandolina who plays and is loved of all the men who come in her Inn. Among others, 2 men, the marquess of Forlipopoli and the Conte d' Albafiorita, bicker and compete for her favors, participating in the effect of comic. Nevertheless, the Knight, the sexist and misogynous man is going to resist her. Mirandolina is then going to put herself in the challenge to seduce him.


The region where is situated The LOCANDIERA has a very rich history heritage and many activities are offered.
It is enough to push the small gate at the back of the garden to stand on small ways which will bring you toDampierre en Yvelinescharming village with its castle, its church, its restaurants and its small shops.
You can either carry on by walking, biking or riding, acccording to your wish, by selecting one of the proposed routes which allow you to discover our wonderful region ; You also will be able to choose to visit of the monuments around, as "le chateau de Breteuil", "chateau de la Madeleine" , "le chateau de Versailles", "le chateau de Rambouillet", the prestigious Cistercian abbey of Vaux de Cernay or even walk around on small ways down to "Musee de Port Royal" or to small villages around or to farms to find specific forgotten flavors products.

Joss' Extras :

Massages by a professional, at the Locandiera

Muriel PERRIN, a real professsional, comes to the Locandiera, on appointment (phone : + to propose you specific massages, at exceptional prices :

  • image d'une orchidee rose Hot stones- 1 hour - 50 Euros
  • image d'une orchidee rose Intuitives (Energetic) - 1 hour - 50 Euros
  • image d'une orchidee rose Energetic Chineese (Acupuncture) - 1 hour - 50 Euros
  • image d'une orchidee rose Reflexology plantaire Thai - 1 hour - 50 Euros
  • image d'une orchidee rose Relaxing - 1 hour - 50 Euros
  • image d'une orchidee rose Ayurvedique (indian method) - 1 hour 30 - 75 Euros
  • image d'une orchidee rose Sitted Massage on ergonomic chair - 1 hour - 50 Euros
  • image d'une orchidee rose Massage with melodious bowl according to Peter HESS' technic - 1 hour - 50 Euros

Some photos

photo de la chambre Bambou
image d'une orchidee rose
photo de la chambre cage aux oiseaux
image d'une orchidee rose
photo de la chambre Simba
image d'une orchidee rose
photo de chambre indienne
image d'une orchidee rose
photo de la veranda